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ChickenPox: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Vaccine, Images

What is ChickenPox:

This is a very common disease that happens to every person after a certain age. Chicken pox is a viral infection that comes out in the body in the form of red patches. Varicella zoster virus is the cause of chicken pox. The homecoming of chicken pox is very unusual. One cannot even feel it apart from noticing small red patches in the body. Soon it gets spread on the body leaving no little space. The itching starts after it comes out fully in the body.

ChickenPox Causes:

There is no such great risk involved in this. There are various medicines that have now come up and are treating pox in a blink. Yet people should take proper measures. The main target of chicken pox is children especially below the age of 15. The entire tenure of chicken pox is very painful and no daily activities can be performed. Doctors usually advise complete bed rest as the disease can spread within a second. It often happens that the person who is taking care of you during pox gets affected by it after few days. It is always good to keep a person affected with chicken pox in a separate room.

As said earlier that the virus varicella zoster is the primary reason for chicken pox. The disease is mostly transmitted from one person to another. There are certain ways by which people can get affected with this virus

• A direct contact with a person who already has the virus varicella zoster in his or her body.
• One also breathes in the virus from the blisters of other people.
• Breathing in the virus from the mouth of someone talking or coughing.

The biggest risk in chicken pox is that it spreads within a blink. If a single member of a family is affected by it there can be a possibility that the rest will also get affected.

Vaccination is needed for pox and should be given to every individual at a very young age. But in the recent years, the virus has become so strong and harmful that even vaccination doesn’t work at times.

ChickenPox Symptoms

There are certain common symptoms of chicken pox which should be known to every individual. The virus gets spread at a rapid pace and one can only realize by the following symptoms.

• Extreme tiredness- Though tiredness is a common symptom for many other health issues but even before chicken pox, people get extremely tired without doing any kind of activity.
• The body temperature gets very high all of a sudden. It goes beyond 100F and stays for a long time.
• People suffer from a continuous headache which leads to pain in the muscles and other parts of the body.
• There is a great loss of appetitive before chicken pox affects a person.

ChickenPox Vaccines

It is the most contagious disease which affects every individual at a certain point in their life. Chicken Pox is very common in the United States.

It is said that there are two doses of chicken pox vaccine. The first one should be given at the age of 12 months to 15 months and the next one should be given between 4 to 6 years of age. This vaccination at different age is recommended by doctors.

The two types of chicken pox vaccine that are highly prevalent in the USA are


• It only contains chicken pox vaccine.
• This vaccination can be given to children who are below 12 months and also above. The vaccine is also quite useful for the adults.
• This is also important for the routine vaccination that should be given between 12 to 15 months and between 4 to 6 years of age.


• This vaccination is useful for various viruses like mumps, measles, varicella etc. This is the only vaccination which can be used for multiple virus infections.
• It can be used and has been licensed for use in children between the 12 months to 12 years.
• The vaccine can be given to children for their routine doses for during chicken pox.
• The vaccination, when given for the first time to children, can affect their health. The first dose of Proquad may have a chance of catching a fever. It is better to recommend a doctor before pushing this vaccination. Though there is no such risk involved apart from a mild fever.

ChickenPox after Vaccine

No vaccination is 100% perfect. At times even after vaccination people suffer from the disease. A recent statistical data reveals that after the chicken pox vaccination there are about 8 to 9% of people out of 10 who are not affected by the pox. There is a chance for the rest one perfect to get affected by this serious disease.

What does Chicken Pox look like?

The appearance of chicken pox changes in different stages in the following manner

• Small red bumps in the beginning
• Slowly water blisters get visible on the body.
• It changes into cloudy blisters with time.
• One can notice open sores in the later stage
• Dry brown crusts are also noticed in the later stage.

What do chicken Pox look like?

Chicken pox appears in various forms at different stages of its formation

• It the beginning small red bumps are visible on the body.
• Later it changes into water blisters
• After some time one can notice cloudy blisters
• At the final stage, there are open sores and dry brown crust visible.

Chicken Pox in Spanish

In Spanish chicken pox is known as varicella. The virus of chicken pox is known by this name. The spread of the virus is very rapid and children are mostly affected by it. After a certain age, the human body builds an immunity power and there is a less chance of the virus to get affected.

Adult Chicken Pox

Not only children but adults also get affected with chicken pox. The virus mainly remains in the air. The disease can spread with real contact. An individual can get affected with the virus if he or she is in real touch with another person who is already suffering from it. Even though people get vaccination yet at times they get affected by it. At times in case of adults, the chicken pox leads to some kinds of diseases.

Chicken Pox Images or Pictures

These are the ways by which pox affects people:

chikenpox in babies

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