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DJ Stent Removal, Side Effects, Placement & Complications

What is DJ Stent?

Introduced in 1978, DJ Stent (Double J Stent) also known as ureteric stent which is a very thin tube like hollow pipe. It is used as for medical purpose in which the tube is inserted into the ureter of a person.

This is done when a person is suffering from an obstruction while the flow of the urine from the kidney to the bladder.

The length of the stent which is used for the process varies significantly. It is between 24 and 30 cm. In addition to this the stent comes in different gauges or diameters to appropriately fit in different sizes of ureters.

Using cystoscope, the DJ stent is fitted inside the body. The stent the positively helps the urine to flow easily from the kidney to the bladder.

dj stent

It has got J Shaped curls at both its ends to perfectly hold the tube in its position as to prevent the migration.

These stents however were entirely placed inside a human body; the infections of the same in the initial days were completely unknown.

The anchoring of the J hook inside the pelvis and in between the bladder, unfortunately due to daily body moments, kept slipping up into the kidney or ever slipped down the bladder.

Due to this, trauma, terrible pain and inflammation used to arose in the body.

Surprisingly, over the years, the demand for the DJ stent tube has increased remarkably. The oncology patients demand for the stent for a better treatment.

They find the stent more comfortable than the old percutaneous nephrostomy tube (PTN). This helps them to maintain the self image of not having an external drainage bag but, comfort, is a big price they pay.

Also there have been advances in the techniques of the placement of the tube which have reduced the complication but not completely eradicated them.

The doctors have worked on the initial problems such as stent infection, breakage, pain and encrustation.

For the patients who have both the ureters stented would not get a proper follow up for numerous reasons as despite the growing technology, double J stent never comes without potential complications.

There are yet many signs not known and many symptoms which occur are not properly intervened.

How long should a DJ stent stay inside the body?

Normally most stents remain for no longer than three or four months. If the stent is kept for a longer duration than this, it may form stones directly onto it which will be difficult to remove. You can see dj stent removal video.

DJ Stent Side Effects

As discussed earlier, the main DJ Stent side effects are their dislocation, but recently discovered that these stents also cause many other side effects unknown to the common man. Let’s have a look at these:

1. The stent cause increased urgency and repetition of urination, leakage of urine, blood in the urine, pain in the bladder, plain in the kidney and constant lack of comfort. Though temporary, they do go away after the removal of the stent. Drugs are given to reduce or eliminate the urgency and frequent urination. But again these drugs are high level pain killers which in future damage the kidney.

2. The stents have a thread attached to them for easy removal which remains outside the body. This thread causes irritation to the urethra. You will not feel any pain after dj stent removal

3. In most of the cases the urinary track develops infections.

4. The pain felt while the urine passes from the kidney to the bladder is terrible.

5. Not all the doctors are able to fit in the tube perfectly as the size of the tube to be fitted differs. Choosing the right tube many a times goes wrong. Hence the stent starts developing rashes, boils, and roughness alongside the wall.

The indication for DJ Stent Placement

Ureteral stents passively dilate the ureter. The urine flows through the hollow space in between DJ Stent which facilitates the passage of debris.

Because of this the stent insertion increases the peristaltic activity inside and the amplitude of the ureteral peristalsis decreases. The double j stent indications for stent placement include:

Ureteral Obstruction – Due to the increase of tumor, nephrolithiasis or retroperitoneal fibrosis, the Ureteral obstruction can be complicated by urinary tract infection, uncomplicated, renal insufficiency and renal failure.

The patients who face these complications need to promptly decompress the urinary track with the arrangement of indwelling stent or percutaneous nephrostomy tube.

When the placement of the stent and percutaneous nephrostomy is retrogate, both of them effectively realize the obstruction and infection due to ureteral calculi.

One should see the DJ stent removal video before approving the placement of the same in their body.

Pain after the Removal of DJ Stent

There have been countless people who were interview after the removal of the stent from their boy. 99.99% complained that they experienced pain when the stent was removed.

Though the pain normally was self limited and mild, but there were times when the pain went severe. They were also not warned beforehand and hence the unwelcome pain was a shear surprise.

They kept wondering if there was something wrong as how can someone feel pain after the removal of a human made object. In few cases the pain felt was so bad that the patients had to be shifted to an emergency room.

The worst part is that up to now there hasn’t been much research on why the pain still exists after the removal of the stent.

Though, a recent exercise of survey proved that only 55% felt tremendous pain after the removal of the stent. However, the rest felt the pain but not as compare to others.

It is hence advised to all who are planning to fit in the stint in their body to research of what they shall go through during the process.

They should even consult their doctors regarding the size of the stent which is going to be placed and the duration of placement. This is one the important factor which shall play role in the entire journey.

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