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FTC Disclaimer

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is an agency of the US federal government. The primary target is protection of the client.

In doing its target, the Federal Trade Commission develops and imposes rules concerning how individuals and companies conduct business. With the FTC, truth in advertising, Anti-trust regulations, and other consumer-protection mechanisms arise.

The Federal Trade Commission needs that affiliate marketers and others using the social media and internet in order to promote brands and products disclose their financial relationship to the brands as well as products they introduce.

At Health Beauty Scam website, we take the reviews very solemnly, and perform everything in our authority in order to ensure that they are correct and give our viewers with real data.

Share business relationship

As we would like to be 100% amenable with the Federal Trade Commission, we would like to share our business relationship with the companies and products being reviewed on our site.

Special promotions and free samples

We often receive special promotions and free samples from the manufacturers of product so that we will be able to do a forthcoming, real and honest review on their supplement. We will not do a bias review just because they gave us a sample. Moreover, we spend our cash on supplements to do an in-depth and full review of the supplements.

However, it is very essential to ensure that we are not paid for our reviews. If we consider good about a supplement and trust it may assist our users, we will place a link in order to buy or place an ads on our site where we will get commission from the sales.

If you have any problems or issues with any supplements which may have been reviewed on Health Beauty Scam website then it is essential to go to the product manufacturer directly, as we are not responsible for these supplements.

Supplement reviews from the clients or 3rd parties

However, we can accept supplement reviews from clients or 3rd parties from time to time; we have no power over their compensation and opinions. We don’t have power on the claims which the product manufacturer will make about their supplements.

Guidelines by the FTC

  • Disclose your relationship with the manufacturer
  • Be written conspicuously and clearly.
  • Be placed conspicuously and prominently

Finally, conspicuous and clear affiliate disclosures increase the experience of user as we advertise honesty as well as assist consumers understand the nature of the content and media they are using.

It is a well known fact that it will be great for advertisers and publishers to be able to show that their statements or reviews are 100% uncompensated and unbiased, in the long run it is more satisfying and lucrative in order to build a healthy relationship with a genuine clients who knows how your video channel, app, blog, or website earns money. Moreover, if you give actual value to your users, they are generally happy to help your work through the purchases.