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*Warning* – Do Not Buy Controlled Labs Green Magnitude Without Reading This

Controlled Labs Green MAGnitude Review

All bodybuilders and other individuals do progressive resistance exercises. This helps in developing and strengthening muscles. Some of these bodybuilders are professional and ranked in competitions.

These competitors have to line-up. They perform individual posing routines in front of a panel of judges.

The ranking is based on symmetry, muscularity, and conditioning.Winner of Annual IFBB Mr.Olympia contest is the top male bodybuilder namely Phil Heath.

Winner of Women’s Physique is usually top female bodybuilder namely Juliana Malacarne.Since 1950, there is NABBA Universe Championships for amateur bodybuilders.

green magnitude

People who won this title include Steve Reeves, Reg Park, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lee Priest. Hence, bodybuilding and figure competition is popular. Bodybuilders of the modern era depend on regular exercises, controlled diet.

Also, they take products for dehydration, elimination of unnecessary body fat. There are many of these products available in capsule and powder forms. Control Lab’s Green MAGnitude is one such product.


What is Green MAGnitude?

Controlled Labs created the formula in powdered form for bodybuilders. Since the product is a powder, it dissolves quickly in fluid and is absorbed in the body. Users do not feel bloated.

The main function is to increase muscle mass. Others are to improve the stamina of individual during regular gym exercise.

It digests protein and fat and contains antioxidant. The flavour of this product is sour green apple, watermelon, and green lemonade.

Composition of Green MAGnitude

Regular tub contains 80 servings.

Each serving is one scoop or 10.4 gm having the following chemicals.

• Magnesium 350mg

• Magnesium Creatine Chelate 2,500mg

• Dicreatine Malate 2,500mg

• Betaine Anhydrous 2,000mg

• L-Taurine 2000mg

• L-Tyrosine 500mg

• Calories 0

Other ingredients include Malic Acid, Acesulfame Potassium, Silicon Dioxide, and Sucralose, Natural and Artificial Flavours and colors.

Benefits of Green MAGnitude

Powdered form that dissolves quickly in the liquid is also absorbed in the body. Magnesium Creatine Chelatepresent in Green MAGnitude strengthens muscles. Dicreatine Malate or creatine bound to Malic Acid aids aerobic and anaerobic respiration required for workouts in the gym. Betaine Anhydrous, protein, neutralizes lactic acid, a chemical produced during workouts. It signals the body to use oxygen and burn fat. Taurine, Betaine Anhydrous, and Tyrosine have physiologically and metabolically significance. They add volume, work as the antioxidant and other goodies.

green magnitude

Side effects of Green MAGnitude

Product Green MAGnitude side effects are related to the stomach. Users have complained as follows:-

• Crash 2 users (1%)

• Diarrhoea 3 users (1%)

• Gas or bloating seven users (2%)

• Jitters 2 users (1%)

• Upset stomach three users (1%)

According to the above report, only some users have complained. Also, keep in mind these individuals take other accompaniments too. That brings us to read the warning carefully. Label reads users should be entirely healthy.No diabetes or high blood pressure. Do not use while on MAOI drugs. Consult your doctor. Keep out of children’s reach.

Do not buy if the seal is damaged.

The above warning label never uses cancer. According to Californian law, every component has to be mentioned. There was a complaint that this is green magnitude cancer causing.

Comparing Control Labs with GNC Company

Controlled Labs makes products, mostly for building muscles. In addition to bodybuilding products, GNC makes others too. There are health and nutrition items. These include vitamins, supplements, minerals, herbs. Also sports nutrition, energy, diet, and weight loss products. Thus, bodybuilding products are found as Controlled Labs Green

MAGnitude GNC products.

Reviews from users of Green MAGnitude

Users have shared their opinions as Green MAGnitude reviews. Few have been selected as given below:

• Green MAGnitude is useful. The user has mentioned that his muscles growth was due to creatine.Green MAGnitude has also helped endurance, strength, and performance.

• The user has mentioned he likes unflavoured creatine. However, the Controlled Labs flavoring of their products is delicious. He loves sour apple flavor.

• The user took creatine monohydrate from the mid-1980s since it was available on the market at the time.He took two extra two reps from any weight, so his muscles became bigger while he used creatine monohydrate. Since product retained water, he quit using it. He took a break of 15 years.

Then used Green Magnitude. He has given the best review of Green Magnitude vs. creatine monohydrate. Green MAGnitude does not retain water while creatine monohydrate does so a user feels bloated. Green MAGnitude is more expensive than creatine monohydrate. Also, users have mentioned Green MAGnitude Creatine side effects. There are abdominal problems while users take Green MAGnitude. Water retention while using creatine monohydrate.

Comparing powder and capsule forms of bodybuilding products

Creatine increases muscle mass. The quantity of creatine in Green MAGnitude vs. green bulge is double. Since Green MAGnitude is in powder that dissolves, gets absorbed, users do not feel bloated. Hence bodybuilders prefer Green MAGnitude to green bulge. Hence, the product Green MAGnitude has been discontinued.
Below are components:

Green MAGnitude:

This product DCM + MCC has 5gm of creatine in 1 serving. There are 80 servings in a tub you purchase. It contains electrolytes and goodies. There is more betaine anhydrous and Taurine present. Creatine in complex powdered green MAGnitude is favored by bodybuilders for many reasons.


This product MCC + CEE has 2.5g creatine in 5 capsules daily. The amount of creatine is only half of Green MAGnitude. Total of 30 servings is present in a bottle. There are other potent goodies and KRALA, AEE.

Pros of Green MAGnitude

• The product is in powdered form. It dissolves in liquid and gets easily absorbed and digested.

• There is no bloating.

• There are antioxidants and other beneficial ingredients.

• Reviews are also favorable.

Cons of Green MAGnitude

• The product is expensive compared to creatine monohydrate.

• Some people like flavorless creatine so they can add to a protein shake.

green magnitude

Where to buy Green MAGnitude?

This product can be purchased from stores like Green MAGnitude Vitamin Shoppe. It sells products like Omega fish oil, orange triad, etc. Green MAGnitudeis sold at GNC, Bodybuilding.com, and Amazon.comat a discount rate. The usual price for a tub of 80 servings costs only $42.


Reviews from users of Controlled Lab’s Green MAGnitude is good. Most of them are serious bodybuilders. They have got desirable benefits with minimal side effects. As a bodybuilder, if you have not used this product. You might want to sample it. However, it is advisable that you read, understand warning label, before using the product.

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