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Kimera Thermo – Read this Before Buy Kimera Thermo

Kimera Thermo Review:

A fitness supplement, Kimera Thermo is designed in such a way that it helps a person to cut fat by increasing energy. But it should not be treated as some magic dose which will give a one night transformation of the desired figure.

The supplement works like a boost. It gives the highest energy level so that one can push their limits to an extent never before. This results in taking their workout regime to a very different level.

Kimera Thermo supplement is only for the people who have set targets and are working to achieve them since a good period of time.

People who dedicate reasonable amount of time for making themselves fit and need a supplement which works as a bullet to boost their energy level, Kimera Thermo is genuinely made for them. The official website calls its supplement as turning a winner into a legend!

Who is Kimera Thermo’s manufacturer?

The answer to this is Iridium Labs based in Brazil. They have manufactured major supplements since number of years and have now come up after a good research for a product which could take exercise to an all new level.

For the first time introducing a thermogenic supplement for bodybuilders and athletes, Kimera Thermo gives instant rise in energy levels.

There are five different products targeting different workouts which includes pre workout and a complete recovery formula.

Kimera Thermo

What are Kimera Thermo’s Ingredients?

A classic mix of modern nutrition and herbs, Iridium Labs has brought an amazing Kimera Thermo supplement which gives a potential boost for a complete hardcore workout regimen. The following are the ingredients used while manufacturing Kimera Thermo:


Caffeine is on the top of the list when one sees the ingredients. Being fast in acting and available naturally, it increases the blood flow, respiration and counteracts fatigue. Over the years, caffeine has helped to counteract the building up of lactic acid in ones muscles which later used to give soreness post workout. Hence for its thermogenic properties, caffeine is included in Kimera Thermo. It also helps in turning the body fat into energy everyday during the workout.

Bitter Oranges

Another main ingredient is Bitter Oranges. Ever since its discovery people have been using bitter oranges in essential oils and perfumes but the alternate use as medicine is hardly known to few. Its key ingredient Synepherine increases metabolism in the body and eventually performs to be a natural thermogenic. Bitter oranges also suppress ones appetite. The bitter oranges are first dried and the Synepherine is extracted from it to be used in Kimera Thermo.


Next is Catechin which is found commonly in green tea. Catechin plays the role of boosting the oxidation of fats and eventually increasing the metabolism in the muscles and liver. This further promotes a long term low level fat composition in one’s body.


Gingerol rounds extracted from ginger is also one of the primary ingredients of Kimera Thermo. This helps one to battle free radicals moving around in the body along with reducing the post workout pain in the muscles tissue.


Along with the above main four ingredients, Kimera Thermo also contains herbs which act to improve the effectiveness in the supplement.

Other numerous minerals and vitamins which give one’s body a complete protection are found in Kimera Thermo. Containing anti oxidants, the supplement further acts in preventing the body with many chronic diseases.

Lastly along with a proper combination of above ingredients, Kimera Thermo has Epimedium in it which helps in fighting erectile dysfunction and boosts confidence level in one’s body.

The supplement is completely calorie free and fat free and helps to boost workout regime without adding any extra pound in one’s body. The product also guarantees of using all natural products which would not have any side effects ever in future and can be consumed by anyone in their regular diet.

Price of Kimera Thermo

Though first thought of selling the product for free for the first time consumers, Iridium Labs replaced the idea for best deals for the beginners.

As being manufactured in Brazil, the entire product is marked in Brazilian Real. Offered in the bundle, each bundle contains sixty capsules. In one day it is advisable to only consume two capsules.

The first bundle containing 6 packages is sold to a customer for R $27.40 and second for 6 sets is for R $40.46. The third and the last package at 6 sets is for R $55.54.

If a person purchases any of these packages, Iridium Labs is providing one bonus package of the product. Till now the supplement is only available for sale on the official website of the company.

kimera-funciona-Kimera Thermo


The products are only produced in Iridium Labs’ and they ensure that their products meet all the required safety standards across the globe.

The strick standards placed in the European markets are also taken care of. Though, Iridium Labs encourages a person to meet a doctor or a nutritionist before starting the consumption of Kimera Thermo in ones diet. Pregnant ladies and children are strictly not recommended to consume the product.

People are also advised not to consider Kimera Thermo as a magic supplement to reduce weight. It strongly boosts the energy level in a human being so that they keep continuing their strict workout and also to take their workout level one step ahead.

Hence the focused people who are already into bodybuilding or are athletes are recommended to have Kimera Thermo in their regular diet.


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