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Simple Beauty Tips During Pregnancy

The moment you are pregnant, the most innocuous of things could prove to be a potential hazard. Even when you worry about chemicals, a day at the spa could spoil your mood at a considerable level. Now the question as manicures safe during pregnancy.  The same though process would relate to pedicures during pregnancy. Let us get to the facts.

Natural Nail Changes

One of the surprising benefits of pregnancy is that women tend to have strong sturdy nails. Already the body is in hormone over drive mode to promote healthy growth and development of your little one. These hormones do have an impact on your body as well. This is indeed noticeable in areas which would grow and fall off quickly. Already changes in the texture of your skin in the form of pimple breakouts would be visible. These stronger nails are of temporary stature, so keep them till the moment you can.

If the nail does become brittle as and when pregnancy progresses, observe your diet. Lack of iron, calcium or vitamin B can contribute to weak nails. If the doctor is of the opinion that the diet is fine, but still weak nails are going to persist, this could be a quirk of your pregnancy and just like strong nails during pregnancy it does appear to be a temporary phase.

beauty tips while pregnant

Would it be advisable to skip Manipedis when you are pregnant?

Better news when you paint your nails during pregnancy it is a healthy habit. If you feel that a little bit of polish and primp makes you feel good, there is no need to stay away from manicures or pedicures. Just a few considerations could put all your feelings to rest.

Do consider the nail polish itself. There are some women who cry that the harsh chemical content of nail polish does have an impact on the fetus, but there is no evidence of it. Acrylic nails could be an option but the fumes are dangerous. You might have to check with your doctor on whether such type of nail polishes would suit you during pregnancy. Most doctors do have varied recommendations in terms of safe practices during the course of pregnancy.

The choice of the nail salon does have a huge role in terms of safety along with comfort. The strong smell that emerges from chemical substances when you are pregnant could be irritating. Pregnancy could create havoc with your immune system so it would be better to stay away from such contaminated tools.

A pedicure could be a perfect option to take care of your swollen feet. Do ask the nail technician not to rub your ankles.

If the nausea or fumes that emerge from the salon makes it difficult for you to relax one can always go on to enjoy some amount of primping. Some warm water, with nail polish, a lotion along with a helpful partner is what you need. May be your partner can treat you some romantic moments together.

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