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5 Insanely Healthy Weight Loss Smoothies Recipes

There are many smoothie recipes are there for burning the fat. The recipes will help you to lose the weight from the body. Some of the main recipes here we are going to see for the people who want to reduce their body weight. Thus the main smoothie recipes are


This is the main recipe which is commonly used by all for fat burning. This smoothie recipe might taste like a dessert. There you need to mix a doughnuts and coffee cake with the banana. Then grind these items with low-fat Greek yogurt, honey, milk, graham cracker crumbs for garnish. For more taste and cool you can add the ice cubes during the time of grinding. It should be smooth all the way after the grinding.


Chocolate chia cherry will be the favorite among all. It is also the best weight loss smoothie among the others. Chocolate is the most favorite item of everyone during the time of weight loss. To make this delicious recipe here is a process we are sharing that the tips such as dark chocolates and cherries to make smoothie even more delicious. Thus the chia seeds turn to provide nutrition. You need to take a cup of unsweetened nuts with milk, and then chia seeds with cocoa powder with the mixing of halved cherries. Finally adding the banana will make the flavor more taste. Combined all these ingredients and bring this recipe from hard to smooth. After grinding add some ice cubes to taste more.


For this special recipe you need to add the 2 table spoons of coconut oil which are made up of chain fatty acids. It will help to speed up your metabolism. Then add one cup of almond with the mixing of frozen peaches and milk. Then add some pieces of pineapple and banana with one teaspoon of coconut oil. Finally, blend all these ingredients in the grinder. For cooling, you can also add some ice cubes.


It is the latest recipe to serve with your favorite ones to burn the calories. It is a mixture of hemp seeds, mango and almond butter with the addition of vanilla. To make this delicious recipe you have to add these ingredients such as a half cup of purified water, mango pieces, banana with hemp seeds, almond butter, and raw honey and finally the vanilla with some salt. Then blend it all up to 90 seconds until it is smooth.


This traditional juice will help you to turn down the fat. First of all you have to add the coconut milk with the frozen berries. Then take half cup of blueberries with 2 or 3 Medjool dates. Finally, blend all these ingredients to get us smoothie.

These are the main tasty recipes to be followed by all during the time of weight loss.

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